Appcrash is not a rare phenomenon in later Windows versions. Continued use of the computer most likely triggers bugs especially with reliance on the internet. So here are a few pointers on how to deal with appcrash.


Fix appcrash problem

Step 1: Eliminate all Windows Junk

Here you have to eradicate all the junk that resides in your PC; especially in the Operating System folder. You will get rid of temporary files, corrupted registry, and junk files. This is done by the Disk Cleanup tool provided by Windows.

  • Click on start.
  • Type ‘disk clean’ in the search button. An icon ‘disk cleanup tool’ will appear. Click on it. Alternatively you may also type “free up disk space
  • The utility takes a couple of minutes to collect all the junk that should be deleted.
  • A list of all junk will then be displayed and you can choose which ones to remove.

Step 2: Remove Viruses from the computer

The appcrash can also be caused by malware attacks. So it is imperative that you negate these threats before they harm your computer. Find out the best professional antivirus program in the market and install it on your computer. Then, do a full virus scan on your computer and then clean out all the identified threats.

NOTE: Ensure that the antivirus is up to date before carrying out the computer scan.


Sometimes, even after scanning your computer for viruses, the appcrash error may still persist. This is especially so in cases where system files have already been damaged or corrupted. You need to do sfc-scannow to deal with it.

  • Run command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type “sfc/scannow” in the prompt. Press Enter.
  • The computer file structure will be scanned and analyzed.
  • Restart the PC

You should now be able to work on your computer seamlessly.