This Run time Error Code -2147467259 appear when we started install or open any software. This Error Code -2147467259 appear many due to graphics card unsupported or you are using old version graphic card driver. Most of the time this Error Code -2147467259 appear in “MapleStory” application.

error code -2147467259

Fix Error Code -2147467259

  1. Go to Window Search option.
  2. Type “Screen Resolution” and hit enter.
  3. Choose “Adjust Screen Resolution” from Search option.
  4. Go to Advanced Setting under Screen Resolution Panel.
  5. Your Graphic card driver panel open. Select “Properties” under “Adapter Type”.
  6. Go to “Driver” Tab.
  7. Select “Update Driver” option under “Driver” Tab.
  8. Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” and wait until complete all process.

Sometime this step may no be helpful but its work most of the time.