This Error Code -8003 usually appear in Mac system. if you are a Mac user you are aware of this error code -8003. Sometime use experience this error when they are trying to delete files from trash in their Mac System. Error looks something like below picture.

error code -8003

Error: The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003).

Even user tried both the button its won’t work and the trash remain full.  Some user restart there computer and its work but many time it doesn’t. In simple word this error code -8003 comes because of one or more files in trash have been locked. So, following steps will help you solve error code -8003 easily.

Fix error code -8003

Method 1: GUI

  1. Double Click on the trash.
  2. Hold the “option key” while clicking on “Empty Trash”.
  3. If doesn’t work , try “Secure Empty Trash”.


Method 2: Terminal

  1. Open Terminal Window. (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal icon)
  2. Type the following commands in terminal window and press enter.

sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/


Method 3: Trash it

  1. Download Trash it application from here.
  2. Install and run Trash it.
  3. After run select “Just Delete” and type your Admin Password and click “Ok”.
  4. This software take case all the delete process itself.