Error Code 0x8007057 is one of the most common errors in the computers. This error appears for multiple reasons. The most common problem it may occur when you try to backup files by using Windows Backup on Window 7 and the backup files.

error code 0x8007057

Error Massage: Windows could no find backup devices on this computer. The following information might explain why this problem occurred: This parameter is incorrect (0x8007057). Close windows Backup and try again.


Error Code 0x8007057 Reasons

  1. This error 0x8007057 may also due to when you format a hard disk drive to install window 7.
  2. Damaged System Reserved Partition.
  3. Misconfigured Registry Keys.
  4. Misconfigured Decimal Symbol Settings.


Fix Error Code 0x8007057

Since this Error Code 0x8007057 occur by many reasons  you have to try each of there methods to find our which one will work to you.


Method 1: Clean the corrupted Registry

The registry gets cluttered with unnecessary files like junk files, cookies, internet history and bad registry keys. if there are not removed timely, they can damage the registry and corrupt dll files. So this give you step to remove these corrupt files immediate without any deep knowledge for computer coding.

  1. Download Total System Car from here.
  2. Install Total System Care in your computer.
  3. Run Total System Care by double clicking on its icon on desktop.
  4. Click Green “Scan Now” button and wait until has finished all process. it will display the number of issues and error found on your computer.
  5. Click “Repair All Issues” and Total System Car will fix all error and issues on your computer.


Method 2: Change the Decimal Symbol Setting

Error code 0x8007057 sometimes can be triggered by misconfigured decimal symbol settings. Try to changing the settings to fix this problem The error is likely to occur if the decimal symbol is not set to “.”

  1. Control Panel -> Click Region Settings.
  2. Go to Formats Tab -> Additional Setting menu.
  3. Change Decimal Symbol type “.” and click “Apply” button.
  4. Restart your computer.