Error code baboon is generally networking error. This error code baboon caused due to disconnection or packet loss between your internet(home network) and Bungie. You have may this error code baboon on Bungie due to you are using WiFi setups or mobile hostpost that loss of connection.

error code baboon

If you repeatedly facing this error code baboon and can’t able to login into Destiny then simple solution is quit Destiny completely by closing the game and restart Destiny to fix this issue. If you continue to received this error even after above solution then please follow the below step to fix your error.

Error Message: Removed from the game world. Please try again. If this problem persists, you should troubleshoot your networking setup. Find more info on this at by searching for: baboon

Fix error code baboon

  • Try with LAN cable if it possible. if LAN cable work fine and you have problem with WiFi router or mobile hostpost.
  • Diagnose your Network Connection
    1. Go to Control Panel then select Network and Internet.
    2. Select your active Network Adapter (if you have more then one).
    3. Right Click on Network Adapter and Click Diagnose and wait until process complete(this will restart your connection).
    4. Check again.
  • Check your WiFi signal strength if signal is week maybe due to you are far then WiFi router or hostpost capacity. Move your console as close as possible to the WiFi source.
  • Disable all other program and devices connected with WiFi router or hostpost.
  • Disable your WiFi router’s “Channel Bonding” feature to help avoid interference.

If you still have same problem you can check bungie Network Troubleshooting Guide. If you have any other suggestion which helped you please share comment below will help others.