Sometimes, in the course of computing, PC users may encounter an error stating that “Windows has detected a hard disk error” or a like-sounding message. It is not ideal to continue working in the event of such a notice. The situation will degenerate gradually and eventually you may stand to lose a lot. Usually, a while after you start receiving the above error message, the computer becomes very slow and eventually freezes. Letting the message go unchecked will lead to other problems like corruption of Windows files, computer malfunction, or a complete system crash.

windows detected a hard disk problem

The triggers for the error above are wide-ranging; and may emanate from a hard disk failure, computer resource overload, or malware, etc. There are a number of ways to resolve the issue. Below are two mostly-used solutions:

Title: Windows detected a hard disk problem

Message: Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repaid or replace the disk.

Fix windows detected a hard disk problem

Method 1: ChkDsk Command

When you get the error message “Windows has detected a hard disk error”, the chkdsk command may come in handy. Here is how to execute it;

  • Click start.
  • On the search box, type “Command Prompt”.
  • The command prompt icon will appear; right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Write “chkdsk” followed by the partition letter of the drive that you want to do a chkdsk on. You may also let it be as it is if you want to check the default disk partition.
  • Press Enter. Chkdsk proceeds with the scan.

The computer drive will be scanned for errors; and any that are found will be repaired.

Method 2: Check hard disk for bad sectors

Sometimes, the chkdsk may not come up with any problems even after getting the error message. In such a case, you can use a utility called PartitionGuru to resolve the issue. Download it Here and install it on your computer.  Now follow these steps

  • Launch PartitionGuru
  • On the menu, click “Disk” and then “Verify or Repair Bad Sectors”.
  • The scan will take a while, and then PartitionGuru reports all bad sectors on the drive.
  • Back up important data and then do the repair.